writers strike zaps voice talent

Stewie from Fox TV’s Family Guy

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane had hoped Fox wouldn’t continue production of his show without him when MacFarlane did not report to work in support of the Writers Guild of America strike, saying of the idea of producing his show without him: “it would just be a colossal dick move if they did.”

Well they are and it is.

Look, I get that they may own the show (at least partially assuming MacFarlane didn’t entirely get squashed during the last negotiations to bring it back after it was cancelled) and I also get that Fox has a network to program.

But these characters are critical to the show and while others can impersonate the voices, it would be a bad move long term. This strike will end but the bad feelings may not regardless of future revenue possibilities.

And woe to the voice talent who takes the interim gig…like he won’t be black balled. Except for maybe one or two exceptions, he may get lots of money short term but he’ll likely be back to doing convenience store ads for basic cable as soon as the strike is over.

2 Responses to “writers strike zaps voice talent”

  1. Peter,

    I wonder how much longer this strike will go… any projections from what you’ve been reading?



    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving O’Connell Family!

  2. Hey Steph:

    Nothing about how long it will last that I’ve seen, only bad news for the participants as recent talks broke down again.

    I’ve no basis for this prediction except my gut but the month of January keeps popping into my head like that’s the month they’ll be back to work.

    We’ll see.

    Best always,

    – Peter