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the end of google reader but not this blog

So you may have heard that Google will be closing their application – Google Reader – this summer.

If you want the whys and whatfors, you can read this.

As you know as a reader of this blog and thereby likely one of the hundreds of RSS subscribers of this blog (unless you catch it from one of my Social Media links) a reader like Google Reader collects all the RSS feeds and collects them into one place, making them easier to read and organize.

So what can you do if you are currently a Google Reader user?

Do what I did and switch your feed to much more efficient Feedly. It takes ALL YOUR GOOGLE RSS FEEDS and easily transfers them over to Feedly. And they layout is much nicer for web and mobile (considering how little attention Google has paid to fixing reader).

So keep reading cause I’m going to keep publishing! Thanks for reading!

over 1,000 posts and almost 3,000 comments

VOXMARKETISING_audioconnell's voice-over blog

I was updating some blog comments tonight (which I always fall behind on and I apologize…I love when you comment -thank you- but in getting to my comment responses, well, life gets in the way) and I noticed that this blog has almost 3,000 comments from over 1,000 posts!

Now, I know in voice-over blog land, the big guys have triple those amounts etc., as they should.

And in big boy blog land, my stats pale in comparison.

Nor am I looking for adulation or congrats.

But with only me writing and you reading, where did we two ever amass THOSE kinds of numbers?!

I’m not sure if it’s me or you but one of us needs to get out more.

But thanks, too.

the password is…

We all deal with passwords in our digital lives.

Some people have so many its hard to keep track of them.

But I found a list of the most recent “worst” passwords that truly blew my mind.

How people could believe themselves to be digitally protected using any of the passwords this list seems just….unreal!

How about:

1. password

2. 123456

3. 12345678

4. qwerty

5. abc123

OY! ‘Password’ as a password?! Really?!

And there are about 20 more of these doozies on the list. Yikes.

A few years ago I met Christopher S. Penn at a Podcamp and I follow his blog because he writes smart stuff sometimes (which is about 100 times more than I write smart stuff).

His article about passwords I thought had some really smart ideas including:

“Change your passwords now, and change them in such a way that no one password works for everything. At a bare minimum, add a word for password groups so that password sets can be remembered but are different from major network to network.
For example, if the password you want to use is CheeseBurgers!, then create CheeseBurgers!Banking as a password for financial services, CheeseBurgers!Social for networks like Facebook and Twitter, CheeseBurgers!Email for mail services, etc. You’ll still mentally have “one” password but it won’t work for everything. (the added length is also a minor increase to security since longer passwords are harder to guess) If another Gawker media incident happens where millions of passwords and email addresses are stolen, perhaps only your CheeseBurgers!Blogging password will need to be changed.”

How you handle your passwords is your business but it’s important that you NOT take them for granted. The harder you make them, the easier it will be to protect your stuff.

I hope all this helps.

terry daniel’s new blog

Voice Talent Terry Daniel

Minneapolis-based voice talent Terry Daniel has started a new blog which I have added to the blogroll here.

You should check it out.

the unblog

Voice Talent Doug Turkel - Unnouncer_Unblog

Doug Turkel is really tall.

He gets tons of big time voice over gigs.

Chicks dig him.

Now he has a cool new blog where he says cool things that are….cool.

Chicks dig him even more now.

In high school, I hated guys like Doug Turkel. 😉

have you heard about the faffcon 3 scholarship?


Well if you haven’t, Bob Souer and CC Heim can fill you in!

Just click here.

Maybe I’ll see you in Hershey, PA in September!