great graphic or great ad?

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Please take a moment and double click on the graphic attached to this post.

Enjoy the imagery, the creativity and the artistry of something well designed.

Then answer this question: is it a great ad?

When I first saw this on the Graphic Design and Web Design Blog I was really blown away b y the design. Simple, artistic and tells a great story. Brilliant, I thought.

But then I realized that I had seen the graphic by itself, alone, on a blog. Not in a magazine or a newspaper surrounded by lots of other ads in the way most ads (save for full page ads) are viewed. In the same we all either view – or ignore – ads on a regular basis.

Can this ad stand out in the competition? If not, can it still be a great ad?

What do you think? I’d really like to know.

2 Responses to “great graphic or great ad?”

  1. Hey Peter!
    I think it’s an awesome graphic and an OK ad.

    The graphic is really cool and is a pleasure to to see…although I did feel after a minute of staring at it that my brain was going “wolf-camel-wolf-camel-wolf-camel….” until I had to STOP!

    In terms of an ad, I liked the “JEEP can go anywhere from the mountains to the desert” idea…really I did….but unfortunately in today’s day & age of “if I don’t get it in the space of 0.00001 micro seconds, I’m moving on….” I think it may have the same effect as the “Infinity” car ads that never showed the car….not as effective as a “traditional” ad.

    THAT said…what do I know!?!…I’m not a graphic artist …I’m just a voice talent…where the VO for this thing???




  2. Liz:

    You know it all because you are a CONSUMER!

    And vying for (and keeping) the attention of us consumers from a print stand point is a heck of a challenge.

    I’d love to see if they had any tracking data on this ad.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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