there are two davids in our midst


The first David refers to a search engine “David” named Cuil, who is looking to slay (or maybe even just stub the toe of) a “Goliath” named Google.

Now I understand from subsequent readings about the Cuil search engine, the name (pronounced “cool”…I think) is the Gaelic version of the word “cool”.

That’s a good start, said the Irishman.

Design wise, I like the look. Absolute contrast to the look of its competitor. Good differentiation. Black is the new black.

Usefulness wise, after going offline its first day because I guess it couldn’t handle the traffic and seeing that some of its searches on me and mine (oh stop it, you do the same thing, I’m just ballsy enough to admit it) were less than accurate, Cuil’s got some kinks to work out.

Let’s not squash this David yet and instead assume that its projectile has not yet hit its target but rather has been lobbed in its general direction.

The second David is of the voiceover kind and more and more of the internet, gadget, “boys and their electronic toys” kind. I speak of one David (Dave) Courvoisier.

He too is cuil in the kind of rich and confident voice, tall and good looking, respects the women and makes the women drool over him way which short, fat, middle aged guys like me find annoying because we were hoping that after high school and certainly after college women would stop ignoring us so we could at least speak to them to show them we respect them too and yet we still get ignored by women but we’re coming to terms with it after years of therapy so we’re cool too, don’t you think?

Besides Dave’s a good guy to boot so guys like him too. Just not, you know, in the, um, drooly way the women do.

But back to the techie part of his personality. If you’ve subscribed to his blog at all (and you should cause he writes almost every day) you’ll note his developing fondness for gadgets and the internet. And ever the newsman, did our boy ever scoop the big guns.

So step back Robert Scoble and back off Michael Arrington because you jokers did not introduce me to Cuil as is your Prime Directive (a little Borg-Star Trek reference there, geek alert, ah, never mind). You are the Goliaths that David of Las Vegas hath slayed.

Dave Courvoisier was the first to introduce me to Cuil on his blog. Direct hit, right to the center of the noggin, dropping those two techies right on their interneted petards.

Sadly, this prize comes only with bragging rights for Las Vegas Dave, not even a free breakfast at Denny’s. Come to think of, that’s really not much of a prize anyway.

5 Responses to “there are two davids in our midst”

  1. Peter,

    You’re too funny, and very flattering. Thanks for the kind words. I only wanna grow up and be like you.

    BTW, I found this blog by searching using ANOTHER new search engine: and it’s also kuhl!

    CourVO (aka “Dave”)

  2. Dave:

    Search me is a blast. I think you’ve just found Google’s next purchase! Search Me’s format and Google’s database…wow!

    You’re becoming a regular internet-ologist!

    And you’re welcome!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. I think you’re BOTH “Très Cool!!!!”



  4. Liz:

    There you go swearing like a French sailor again!

    Tsk, tsk! 😉

    Best always,
    – Peter

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