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When it comes to political advertising, there is not a political party out there that hasn’t slung some mud. I’ve been the political voice over of more than a few of those kinds of commercials (and I’ve done some nice, positive political spots too).

But when a classy political commercial is produced, it stands out.

This spot aired on the night Sen. Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States, a first for a person of color in America. It was produced by Sen. John McCain, the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

Play nice, fellas.

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10 Responses to “a classy political commercial”

  1. Really?
    Didja watch Palin’s speech?
    I guess any campaign can have 30 seconds of classy…

  2. I did see her talk.

    She certainly came out swinging. From a political perspective it was a very strong introduction.

    The next 60 days or so will be interesting to watch. I hope the cable news networks stay out of the way and let the voters make up their own minds.

    With Fox on the right and now MSNBC on the left, it seems objectivity is become more scarce.

    Thanks for stopping by, you’re always welcome here!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. Can you give me another take just like that one Senator, only more real? Try to make me feel that you believe what you’re saying with all your heart!

    Oh, alright then – I guess we’ll use what we’ve got…

  4. I know what you mean Mary.

    He is a very stiff presenter.

    I guess the very real question is in this age of always camera ready, will people pick candidates based primarily on looks and style versus substance?

    In a race on style, I’ll say McCain was smart to choose his running mate cause head to head vs. Obama, McCain can’t cut it.

    In a race on substance (resume)…McCain would seem to have the upper hand.

    What an interesting 60 days we’re all going to watch unfold.

    I hope it won’t get nasty out there but I think it probably will.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  5. Agreed…I really thought it was good and, frankly, have never seen it done before.

  6. No I actually agree that this was a classy and well done spot (though I do find this softer “mad dog” McCain a little disingenuous – http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1836909,00.html ), my problem goes right to the heart of your comment on the media.
    When Biden and Obama spoke, the next-day morning commentary was all about “Did they do what needed to be done?”, some of course implying that they hadn’t.

    I just watched Meredith Viera call Palin “dazzling”. M-Dog has always been a pretty outspoken liberal (like on The View), but NBC is owned by GE.

    I found her speech forceful and well delivered, but lacking any substance. She talked about her family. She talked about John McCain. Then he she belittled her opponents. She didn’t ever lie, but there were some serious misrepresentations. Let’s say she “enhanced” the truth.

    Biden did not do this. I would say his remarks on McCain the man were very respectful, though he was very critical of McCain’s policy. The media did not cover this.

    I completely agree that ALL networks, not just cable, should stay out of the way, but there’s too much money involved. Influence goes with money, and something tells me that our news is being influenced by those with a vested interest in maintaining their hold over wealth, politics, the FCC, and current way of doing “business”.

    Lastly, how is MSNBC “liberal”, because of Olberman? That’s like saying Fox is liberal because of Holmes. MSNBC is the home of Scarborough Country, and now Morning Joe. MSNBC is moderate at best.
    You want “Liberal Media” you’ve gotta go AM radio, and we ALL know how the kids LOVE the AM radio…

  7. Brian:

    Thanks, the spot was as heartfelt as I guess McCain could portray. He did nothing wrong it was just a factor of being telegenic I guess and how that shapes people’s opinions of candidates.

    The man’s had quite a battle in his life so let’s be clear, I’m not mocking. But persona, in my opinion, is a big factor in how people vote…along the lines of people do business with friends…so does McCain come off as a likeable guy in spots? We’ll see.

    The media pundits…who by and large are given more space on cable than on network based solely on time…live and die by their imaginary grading system which I find grating. They look at the speeches and are immediately supposed to review history…how important a speech or debate was…as if the viewer needs to be told…which I think they do not. And with that commentary you get the infusion of the networks’ political bent.

    MSNBC is now the liberal network because, led by Olberman’s very left wing biased program and commentaries it has led to rating success. Others on MSNBC like Chris Matthews and now Rachel Maddow complete the prime time liberal lineup. I will own up to the fact that I thought on SportCenter Keith was great and when he started Countdown, I thought it was a unique show. But after continually sullying Edward R. Murrow’s sign off “Good Night and Good Luck” (for which, based on Keith’s hard news resume and the heritage of the quote and its original author, he has no rights to) and telling a President of the United States….any president….to “shut the hell up”

    Fox News on the other hand under the direction of long time Republican Strategist (and one time producer of the Mike Douglas Show) Roger Ailes has always catered to the conservative right wing viewers. They live it and they own it and it has served them financially very well. Bill O’Reilly is a disgrace to broadcasting.

    As for CNN, well they’ve often seemed to veer more liberal but they’ve not seemed to embrace it as openly as MSNBC is now….and I don’t doubt that their embrace is causing some big questions at the NBC News mothership.

    So I guess all I am saying is that IF you feel you need the commentary and you’re looking for views similar or contrarian, you know which cable news channel to check out. Or you can do what I do and tune it out.

    Nobody, it seems, produces news that is straight down the middle. I miss the old days 🙂

    Great comments all, thank you!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  8. An update on the NBC News / MSNBC anchor bias question indicates the network may indeed read this blog.


    Well, OK, maybe not, but its Monday and just wanted to feel good about ourselves today.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  9. Ha – was just about to post that story… you’re ON it, man.


  10. Hi Anthony:

    It’s nice when you identify a problem and realize others (especially those who can do something about it) see it too. 🙂

    Best always,
    – Peter

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