audio’connell in ft. myers

Hot and humid pretty much covers the summer weather in much of the southeastern United States and boy is that true in Florida.

On this trip, I was in Marco Island, Florida, just south of Naples, staying at the very nice Marco Island Marriott with a lovely room looking out over the Gulf of Mexico. Every morning and evening I went out on my balcony to enjoy the view and very quickly went back in my comfortably air conditioned room. Too humid outside for my liking.

What was to my liking was an impromptu visit with professional female voice talent Caryn Clark , aka “The Hip Chick Voice”. My schedule on this trip was constantly changing but it worked out that I could meet up with her before my flight home out of Fort Meyers this evening.

After some navigational missteps, I did find the Denny’s near the airport and had a very nice visit with Caryn, sharing voice over war stories (are there any other kind?) Caryn recently walked away from a successful career in the insurance industry to take up voice over full time.

Things are clearly going well for her in that regard or maybe I’ve just become her Irish lucky charm because while we were visiting, she got a call on her cell and booked a voice over job. Well done!

Yeah, we forgot to get a picture, I always forget that. Shame on me.

My thanks to Caryn (find her blog here)for taking time out of her obviously successful voiceover duties to visit with me. She’s a talented announcer and a nice person too.

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