common craft explains social bookmarking

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If you’re at a stage in your life, like me, where you’ve mostly stopped caring about what other people think of you (call it maturity, experience, selective amnesia) then you too can be brave and identify yourself publicly as a new technology idiot.

Pick your new technology and I’ll almost guarantee you’ll have to explain it to me twice. I don’t know if I suffer from bad wiring (I used to blame it on my floppy disc but we don’t have floppy discs to kick around anymore)…whatever, it’s the way I am.

So I am continually indebted to Lee LeFever and his Common Craft Show for again presenting a 3 minute explanation on new technology, this time about Social Bookmarking.

His videos, which I have referenced here before, are always entertaining.

Technology and gadget makers often focus too much on the “what” and “how” and not enough on the “who” (us mere civilians who will be using the “what” and need to SIMPLY understand the “how”.

I am the “who” (and so are you) and we “whos” owe our thanks to Lee LeFever.*
* Apologies to Dr. Seuss and the Whos of Whoville

2 Responses to “common craft explains social bookmarking”

  1. Hi Peter,
    Thanks so much for this post. It really helped me understand such a sensible and fabulous concept.
    All the Best,
    Bobbin Beam

  2. Hey Bobbin:

    Your very welcome.

    Any time I can find helpful tidbits like this I pass it along.

    Us old farts (well me anyway) have to help each other out!