are you one of my 315?


During my morning Reader reading (remember when we used to read something called a newspaper? Ha! How passé) I came across (Oh, well, yes I still do read a newspaper too. Anyway…) a blog post on Linked In allowing new applications to be integrated on to someone’s Linked In page. Very tight restrictions, as is the LinkedIn way but I went and saw a video about the apps to see if I wanted to add one or two.

There was a Word Press app that I kinda understood and since my blog is a Word Press blog, I added it. Or I think I did, I’m not sure. Nothing really happened when I added it so you may see it on my profile or you may not. Sometimes my button pushing on computers is less than stellar. In real life I can be an excellent button pusher but that’s not always seen as a good thing.

Any way, goodness such rambling today….the point I was trying to get to before these tangents in my head kept over taking my fingers on the keyboard was that I was surprised to see I now have 315 connections on LinkedIn. I didn’t think it was up that high but I also wasn’t following its growth like a tote board at a telethon either.

I’m a pretty open connector / networker on LinkedIn, I guess a Lion or LION (their emphasis) is a group nickname for it. Yet I am not really aiming for the 500+ moniker, the magic number where LinkedIn stops tallying one’s connection count (I guess that makes me a bit of a remedial Lion, possibly the runt of the litter). Once you learn some tricks its really not hard to get heavily connected. I think its fine if somebody WANTS to do that but for me I always come back to one question.


Why not grow somewhat naturally, organically to use the search term, with people you have a connection with in real life, already have a connection with on-line or have a reasonable or likely opportunity to develop a business relationship in the future? Occasionally I feel like I might be connecting with someone just to be polite. Damn you, Emily Post! 😉

Strictly for purposes of example, I’m connected with a couple of LIONS who are Human Resource Managers (lots of those professionals live on LinkedIn it seems to me) who may want a shot at connecting with my contacts but I’m not going to likely do business with any of the HR folks. I sometimes wonder if I’ve made a (very minor with no disrespect intended) mistake simply accepting that kind of connection. Or maybe they’ll offer me a million dollar job that will change my life.

Granted, LinkedIn allows you to use your database to communicate via email outside of LinkedIn in a professional way. I let people know in my profile that I will communicate with them in this way (although one person long ago evidently couldn’t read and accused me of spam; it was no one of any consequence anyway) and I do update these folks on my businesses.

My goal though is to have my business communication mean something to them, to have it seem logical (i.e. “Oh, I have a video production company and this voice talent just sent me his newsletter and since we use voice talent on occasion, receiving this newsletter makes sense!”) Worse than being accused of spam, I would hate to be accused to wasting someone’s time.

If LinkedIn is to have professional value to all of us (and certainly it can also have personal value as well) quality should be the prime directive not quantity. But if I get to 500+ contacts….be assured it will only be because quality begot quantity.

And if you actually read through this entire blog post, especially if you didn’t feel like commenting, just type in the word “finished”. Then I’ll have to think of some prize to give you for muddling your way all the way down here. I’ll start with saying thanks! And of course I want to connect with YOU.

4 Responses to “are you one of my 315?”

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  2. Finished! I’m linking to you now. 😉

  3. I’ve been connected to you for some time, Peter.

    I’m one of those LIONs who just keeps accepting invitations from people all over the world. Mondays and Tuesdays are heavy ’cause TopLinked ($29 annual fee) publishes their list of other LIONs early in the week. Even though I don’t actively send out more invites of my own, I’m close to 4,000 connections now.

    Here are the reasons I do it: I’m constantly reminded that almost ANY company (even the headhunters) are potential voice clients. I haven’t put my master plan in 2nd gear yet, but at some point, I hope to “broadcast” a newsletter or an appeal to most everyone on my connection list with a “reminder” of my services.

    Finally, because I live in a town with heavy convention traffic, and heck…just heavy traffic in general — a town that almost EVERYONE comes to sooner or later, I stand the chance to actually meet a significant portion of my connections down the road. Many have already noticed I live here, and ask to have coffee with me when they’re in town.

  4. Jamee:

    Thanks, you’re first to the finish line and now number 316.


    With 4K connections, you’re going to need a bigger coffee mug and a bigger expense budget for coffee 🙂

    I hope with those connections you’ve made clear in your profile (which I haven’t read cause after all this time I know you well enough) that you WILL contact via email so nobody gets cranky on you.

    I myself look forward to your first issue but understand the technical challenges as I am having a few with my 2nd edition of my newsletter on my new system.

    It’s always something.

    Best always,
    – Peter