dave roberts retires from broadcasting

<em>Dave Roberts (Dave Thomas) on WKBW-TV's Rocketship 7</em>

Dave Roberts (Dave Thomas) on WKBW-TV's Rocketship 7

Who’s Dave Roberts and why does his retirement coming up on December 11, 2009 have anything to do with this blog?

Well it has nothing to do with this blog really other than I have been a fan of Dave’s for many years and that’s why I am writing about it here.

A native of Buffalo, NY, Dave has worked in broadcasting for 56 year and for the last 31 years he has worked at WPVI-TV/Philadelphia (ABC 6). He worked there with another Buffalo turned Philadelphia broadcaster, the late Gary Papa.

But during some of those 56 years, he worked in Buffalo, NY at WKBW-TV during its heyday. Specifically as I was growing up he hosted a morning TV show called Rocketship 7 and a morning game show called Dialing for Dollars with the semi-retired Nolan Johannes.

The reason this is so memorable is because it was the first time in my memory I recall a TV personality leaving a market. I was in 8th grade and kinda thinking there might be something for me in this radio and TV thing. But I never considered that people moved around.

Dave’s was a pretty good move — to the number 4 market in the country at a well respected station. In addition to his broadcast legacy (and folks, there are fewer and fewer people who can legitimately claim that title) Dave is also the father of the Buffalo-born actor David Boreanaz.

So congrats Dave on a stellar career. Here is a quick summary of Dave’s broadcasting career.

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