the life of a voice actor


The life of a voice actor is an arduous one. Creating a voice, setting a mood, transmitting a message within only a finite time period. Lesser performers would quake and fall under the pressure.

Not yours truly.

When called upon by my agent in a recent audition to portray fear, panic, intense medical distress and possibly public mortification I rose the occasion…well, for this role, I actually sat down. It was but a brief utterance I had through which to convey all those emotions.

I played the part of the “Man” in this audition:

VO: When diarrhea hits…
MAN: Uh-oh.
VO: KAO. Kaopectate stops it fast.
Powerful liquid relief speeds to the source fast,
to stop diarrhea and get your system back to normal…
Woman: Fast.
VO: Kaopectate. Stop the uh-oh fast, with Kao

And I did so with various choices thusly:

You may stand in awe of my voice acting greatness. And you’ll laugh at me a little less if I get the job cause for that one phrase I’ll cash a very healthy check.

Feel free to pick your favorite uh oh.

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  2. I kinda liked the third one from the end, but in front of the gutteral uh oh that was the 4th one I think.



  3. Hi Justin,

    That’s cool. My favorite is still the last one where I tried to make it sound like I was about to pass a bowling ball.

    Yes, this is the classiest blog evah.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  4. Peter, I just wanted to update your blog post with the news that I was the female selected to mouth the words “uh-oh” and “fast.” It was a grueling 15 minute session – ISDN. I had to say the words over and over again. 😉

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  6. Oh – and I posted my audition on my blog –

  7. A hearty congratulations on what I am sure is some of your finest work! 🙂

    Hope we get to see you in NYC!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  8. Copy cat! 😉