do what you love and work hard – are you doing it?


Likely you’ve not heard of Gary Vaynerchuk or Wine TV. Go to his website if you’d like to learn more. He is a passionate and successful guy. Those who have met him in person truly enjoy his company.

The reason I am posting this video is to provide you with a pep talk. You may need one or you may not need one which I think is a pretty good time for a pep talk as you’re not combating negative feelings and can more easily build on the positive vibe you’re working off of at present.

Gary’s message is about passion and people and how we all need to do what we love. Easily said, right?

But sometimes we need a kick in the pants to remember it’s not a “slogan”, it is an action but for it to be an “action” we need to take action! This video from Web Expo 2.0 (which contain some HBO-like NSFW language) is a hyper reminder that passion, hard work and caring for people will result in success. There are no quick solutions. Social media has tools we can all use to build our brands but we have to make it work. It takes time.

However if you love what you do…time goes by pretty fast.

I hope this helps you. Go kill it!

4 Responses to “do what you love and work hard – are you doing it?”

  1. Thanks for this Peter. I definately need a little boost lately. As a wine lover I’ve watched hundreds of Gary’s videos but never knew he did motivational speech.
    Good stuff!

  2. James:

    I’m so glad you enjoy Gary’s stuff.

    My guess is he kinds backed into the motivational speak stuff but hey, if they’re paying….speak up!

    Best always,

  3. Yep.
    Work. That about covers it!
    Thanks for this , Peter!…It’s always a great reminder….But does that REALLY mean I have to give up “House” & “CSI” ???? 😉



  4. Liz:

    You don’t have to give them up, that what’s DVR’s are for….and we won’t tell Gary

    Best always
    – Peter