While I am sure I am late to this wordsmith party (that which I will henceforth describe) I must note that while I think I am always late on these kinds of things, most of the world is a lot later than me so I hope you enjoy this.

I read (or more often scan) blogs and RSS feeds for many reasons with the primary one being my desire to learn new things.

And while learning about new marketing techniques, voice over opportunities and advertising campaigns are great fun, sometimes it’s the writing or a word that gives my day the wonderful epiphany we all seek (or at least should seek).

Today I was reading the Lifehacker blog, subtitled tech tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done. Gina Trapani was writing about email innovation you might want to know about (both still in beta and available now at a store or web site near you).

What caught my attention was this sentence regarding the dreaded and often unavailable “undo” button for emails we immediately regret sending.

At one time or another, all of us have hit the Send button and immediately regretted it. While Gmail offers a nice (and unusual) “Undo” option for most email actions—like labeling messages or archiving them—there’s no Undo once you’ve sent a message. What would be super-useful for those facepalm moments after you’ve sent a regrettable email is the ability to take it back.

The facepalm moment. Immediately I knew what it was but I had never heard it called that. I loved it. But I also knew such a great phrase must have caught on somewhere.

It did. Yes, that’s a site called facepalm.org featuring famous pictures of the dreaded facepalm. There are 530,000 references on Google for facepalm. This will be 530,001

Glad I could contribute.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “facepalm”

  1. Peter,
    I have not heard of facepalm, but will now add it to my repertoire.
    Thanks for the new info.

  2. Jamee

    I am very glad to share this little nugget which I stole from somebody else anyway. Funny is funny and should be shared!

    Best always,
    – Peter