why radio is better off without me

WVUD-FM, Kettering/Dayton Ohio_1983

Quite frankly if I were a program director at a radio station, I wouldn’t have hired me in 1982.

I came across some old reel to reels of air checks and production demos from WVUD. The one I have has some technical problems that maybe I can fix but the rest of the world can probably only handle a minute of my God awful jock talk.

I apologize in advance for stealing the next 90 irretrievable seconds from your life to hear a 1985 air check of a 23 year old disc jockey in Dayton, Ohio.


You have free reign to take me out to the barn in the comment section below, once you stop the bleeding from your ears.

Thanks for reading.

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10 Responses to “why radio is better off without me”

  1. Aw, ickle Peter’s early days!!

    Pretty cute if you ask me.


  2. I diamond in the rough!
    …hmmmmm… “All Hits all the Time “with Air Supply…I remember those days well! 😉



  3. Peter,

    Very cute!

    Be well,

  4. Hee! 😀 You rock, Peter! Thanks for sharing. That definitely does bring back memories.

  5. Bob and Mary: I was cute – emphasis on the 20+ years past tense – now I am crotchety and old in that order 🙂

    Liz: I’m not sure what sort of sordid memories Air Supply recalls for you but we all hope you blog about it in great detail 😉

    Jodi: I question, given your youthful looks, whether you were even born twenty years ago so I question what memories you may have of those times; possibly you recently listened to an “oldies” station (1050 CHUM perhaps) and it confused you. 🙂

    Thank you all for listening and visiting. You are all always welcome here.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  6. Thanks for the compliment on my age, Peter. 20 years ago, I was in my first year of University. 😉 I don’t listen to 1050 CHUM by the way. I DO listen to Jack FM (92.5) and Q107 though … They play some “oldies but goodies” … And then there’s AM740 if you *really* want to delve deep into the definition of “oldie”. But I’ve always loved 40’s era music too … It still kinda floors me that music from the 80’s could be considered “oldies”… Wow, huh? 😀

  7. i thought it sounded like all hits … all the time!

  8. Jodi:

    Roger, Rick and Marilyn are for Toronto radio for me like Irv, Rick and Tom are for Buffalo television to you. 🙂


    What we played back then rhymed with “hits”.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  9. Roger, Rick and Marilyn! Yup. I remember them… I think two of them are actually still around …

    And yeah – there was a fire in Cheetawaga like EVERY NIGHT or something. What was WITH that?? 😉

  10. Jodi

    I’m not sure why Buffalo Blaze Busters were always dousing another inferno…maybe the station hired an arsonist -er, consultant to boost ratings.

    Of COURSE not, its just a joke.