letters, we get….well, we get e-mails actually


A couple of quick notes for a Tuesday grabbed from the e-mail bin.

A listener in Denver , Colorado writes:

Dear Peter:

Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that my Big Fish Weekly updates are back! I’ve just posted a brand new demo. Check it out here: www.bigfishworldwide.com

Reasons to consider Big Fish Weekly…

-It’s format specific (AC, CHR, Country, and Rock) -One license required per cluster (access to all 4 formats) -Over 2,000 listener audio clips -Prefab sweepers -Custom voice over upon request -Creative idea starters -Updated weekly
-$29.99 per month, or $329.99 per year

Your pal,

Little Ian Sturgeon

Thanks Ian for writing and for your email you’ll receive a copy of Match Game ’75 – The Home Edition.

Another listener, this time from a completely foreign country – Canada – writes:

Dear Mr. O’Connell:

It’s been a very cold winter and prospects for heat this summer are looking kinda bleak so I’m going to go on a voice over cruise in the fall where us voice over passengers may all read some practice scripts on the first day but I’m pretty sure we’ll all be rip roaring drunk on the Lido deck for the rest of the trip.

But between now and then I’ll also be doing some non-drinking voice classes and I hope you can come:

Edmonton, AB – June 13/14th – There is still room!
Calgary, AB – June 27/28th There is still room! (early bird price in effect till June 15th)
Philadelphia, PA – August 29/30th (early bird price in effect till Aug 15th)
Vancouver, BC – Sept 12/13th (early bird price in effect till Sept 1st)
Dallas, TX – Oct 17/18th (early bird price in effect till Oct 1st)
Toronto, ON – Nov 6/7th (early bird price in effect till Oct 25th)

Learn more at www.MicnMe.com
Register with Brad at: workshops@MicnMe.com
Call: 604-459-5559 for more info

Your pal,
Lil’ Debbie Munroe

Aw Deb, you’re sweet to invite me but with the new border crossing rules, I’d have to have a passport chip implanted in my skull to get into Canada and that sound like it would hurt. But thanks for asking and for your letter you’ll receive seasons 1 &2 of The Love Boat on DVD.

3 Responses to “letters, we get….well, we get e-mails actually”

  1. You really wouldn’t come to Canada without a chip implanted in your skull? Awwwwww. 😀

  2. Well for you and Debbie and a voice class….maybe!

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. Oh. Well then. That’s ok. 🙂