microsoft reboots logo

It’s not everyday that a major corporation changes its logo. Although throughout its history, Microsoft has had it’s share of logos.

But last week when I saw they’d crafted a new identity, I kinda smiled.

At the beginning of August, I was in Seattle and my hotel was next to the Microsoft campus in Redmond. I didn’t make the time to drive around (which I’m sure I’ll end up regretting) but I saw so many Microsoft signs.

I quickly tabulated, when the new logo was revealed, how much it was going to cost the company to do a signage overhaul across the globe (not even counting the packaging changes).

Boy, there were a lot of people who could live a simple and happy life just off the interest earned from that signage bill.

But ya gotta keep the brand fresh and relevant. And the new look is nice, I think. Here’s a little more info on the logo.

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