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audio'connell's YouTube channel

So I’ve been doing more videos on my YouTube channel, a channel some of you have subscribed to and others of you have totally blown off which is fine except you miss some OK content with more content still in development.

The videos I’ve been shooting (in HD no less) on my Kodak Zi8 have been OK quality and I am re-learning video editing on with Windows movie maker – which sounds about as painful as it is…I’ve not worked with it personally but I just have a gut sense that Apple does all this easier. Oh well, not going there.

Any way, lots of people (more than I realized before today) have actually watch this stuff. When I was at VOICE 2010 people said “hey, saw your videos on the blog, they’re great.” For some reason I thought they were kidding or being polite or politely kidding. They weren’t.

But I was a little nervous about the branding for all this. I’ve wanted to keep it low key but the purpose of social media is to get a bits of branding out there. I didn’t have a concept for how to do this until about a week or two weeks ago. At which point I imagined a concept and then imagined how much I’d have to pay some graphics person (or hobo with a mac) to create my idea.

Then I turned to the web and YouTube and realized how amazingly easy it was to execute my idea….which of course took me 3x longer than a smart, talented person but I’ll take my meager successes where I can find them. Plus I had to reload all the videos so my stats for these videos got zeroed out…but to those who watched, I say thank you.

So I finished my intro and added them to my three original shorts and will craft something for the voiceover demo pieces as well – although I just want to throw my name up there so it doesn’t look like I actually produced the videos I simply voiced.

To follow is likely amateurish and unprofessional to most but I was amazed it came out looking as good as it did anyway.

It’s at the very beginning of this piece and I didn’t have the budget to rent a lion like the folks over at MGM (I suppose you have to be of a certain age to get the humor in that). I hope you like it.

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