super bowl ads 2009


Some folks actually watch the Super Bowl for the game (well, I did in the early nineties when a certain football team appeared in four straight Super Bowls and lost, sonova…BUT I’m not bitter).

The rest of us are into the ads and AdWeek was kind enough to provide previews of most of the ads (but not all of them, I don’t think.) Also, the video chain for their site on my computer seemed to progress from this year’s ads to a list of classic Super Bowl ads without warning. No biggie I guess.

Just FYI: From that greatest hits reel is the Anheuser-Busch ad in the airport that tugs on every emotional heart string known to man with nary a voice over in site. And I will go on record as saying a voice over would have ruined it. Sometimes silence does sell….but ONLY RARELY 😉

Anyway in this year’s batch of spots, the one’s that I think will be the funniest is the Pedigree adoption ad (which thinking about know I am STILL laughing out loud at…note the postman’s reaction to the ostrich) and the Pepsi Diet Max ad.

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