voice 123 is now 3, 2, 1, gone!


My business resolution in 2009 was/is actually only one word: execute.

Too often in a business day, I’ll get started in six different directions and lucky if I find the finish line on two of those starts. Same thing the next day to the point where (if you follow the math) lots of stuff didn’t get done.

Well on day to day business, that’s going to happen sometimes but this year (he said with vigor and emphasis!) not on projects or important tasks – not related to clients (their stuff always gets done…money first!)

But like every business person, I’m always studying my business’ trends, activity in the industry etc.

While doing that, a thought occurred to me…should I keep my listings on the pay to play (P2P) voice over web sites?

I do not have a paid listing on the pay to play web sites like Voice 123 because I think these sites qualitatively, quantitatively and financially devalue the voiceover profession. I could rant forever on that but will spare you unless you ask in the comments.

I did keep a free page for SEO/SEM considerations. But the thought had occurred to me on more than one occasion: am I hurting my brand through even a free association with such sites?

Further, by being listed even in a free listing, am I offering an implied endorsement of these types of sites?

Today I got my answer.

On the VO-BB, there was yet another debate about the P2P sites. In the thread I brought up my conundrum. A voice talent friend of mine offered this observation:

“The way I see it, if people in the biz that I look up to are on them (and there are a few folks that are… and do gigs from them) then it’s good enough for me.”

I highly doubt that this person was referring to me in the quote but after reading it I did not doubt that one could see my participation on a P2P site as an endorsement. It was time to execute (I love when the signs are crystal clear).

Voice 123 was very helpful in their (possibly third-world based) on-line chat room with the deletion of my account. In fact, in my history of dealings with the company, this may have been their most impressive display of customer service. For that only, I thank them.

2 Responses to “voice 123 is now 3, 2, 1, gone!”

  1. I have to agree with your sentiment, Peter. These sites do little more than set a ridiculously low price bar for voices, and force artists to compete amongst themselves for work. It reminds me of the daily call-up at the docks or factory doors. “You wanna work? You do it for this”. A good argument for collective bargaining!

    SEO and SEM for your own site is a good response to leaving these sites. Sadly, I think the cat’s out of the bag on setting the price levels for voice work.


  2. Hi Rob:

    Fortunately for the P2P sites, there will always be an audience.

    Today I was called outta the blue by a high school student who was doing a career term paper on voice over talents. She got my name off the voice over xtra web site (thanks John Florian). The reason I bring that up is because one of the questions she asked me was “what advice would you give to people considering going into voice over?”

    As you might expect as a reader of this blog, I gave her a long winded answer which centered around only working on voice over IF you have a true passion for the art. If the performance gives you a thrill beyond all measure, follow your dream.

    Many people flocking to P2P sites are following their dreams. Many of them have visions of unrealistic features. But they have a right to their dream.

    They also have a responsibility to perform and operate their businesses in a professional manner. But because many don’t, our industry is hurt by association.

    P2P sites give them a false sense of being a professional in our business. They perform below professional standards and they charge lemonade stand prices for their sour performances. Everybody loses.

    Thanks for visiting and please come back.

    Best always,
    – Peter