the jingle news show


There are many reasons I am odd in spite of my usually relatively composed demeanor:

* There are certain restaurants (many actually) where I always have the same thing everytime I go there. This makes some people in my life nuts because of my sameness and my disinterest in cooking

* I am fascinated my many aspects of design but I have always been fascinated by TV set design (side note: great web site here about set design). This fascination is especially odd because I am not handy at all…I couldn’t build a bird house let alone a news set.

* Finally (at least for this current list) I love jingles…commercial jingles, TV network promo campaign jingles and especially radio station jingles

Now maybe this last oddity is a hazard of my bidnez but I have always been drawn to it. I have collections of reel to reels and cassette demos of radio jingle packages from all the major companies and to this day I still have book marked sites for TM Studios , Jam Creative Productions, Reel World, M-Edge (which used to be N2 Effect), Studio Speak and others.

Prior to the internet, I thought I was alone in my enjoyment of all things jingle…but I am not.

There is a blog and podcast for us jinglephiles or jinglites or jinglonians (or what we’re supposed to be called): The Jingle News Show hosted by Stuart Barret with voice imaging for the show done by friend, voice over great Bob Taylor. It’s an especially cool show because it features radio jingles from around the world. I may not understand what they are saying by I like the musicality of many of them.

There are probably more but right now this is the one I subscribe to so if you’re interested, there you go.

If not, well, I am sorry but I can’t give you those wasted three minutes of your life back.

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