two weeks ’til the end of the world – just an FYI

Maybe I should be more specific.

Two weeks until the end of the world for voice talents who want to enjoy the amazing discount on the FIRST EVER voice over unconference: Faffcon.

Two full days of voice over learning, growing, troubleshooting, connecting, and faffing about for just $149–how awesome is that?

Sure, you can always go next year– but dontcha want to be one of the cool kids who was there at the very first one?

If your not sure what it’s all about, I’ll refer you to this post I wrote about Faffcon a while back. I hope you’ll attend.

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6 Responses to “two weeks ’til the end of the world – just an FYI”

  1. Really wish I could be there, Peter! But have a great time!! 🙂

  2. Jodi,

    I can’t be there either as we expecting a “special delivery” that month and I am grounded. 🙂

    It should be a blast for those who attend.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  3. So sorry you won’t be able to make it either … but the reason is well worth missing it! 🙂 Congratulations!

  4. Thanks, we’re very excited.

    Best always,
    – Peter

  5. He knows how to make cute kids, so I endorse the pending arrival!

  6. So many funny responses come to mind (at my own expense), none of them printable so I’ll merely say thank you.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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