what the hell?!

 Can you spot the wasted money in this picture

Can you spot the wasted money in this picture?

No, I’m not kidding. That IS Verizon’s NEW logo.

The first logo was kinda stupid. The new one is asinine!

The Z!!!! The Z was the only modestly interesting thing about the old logo and, and, and….it’s gone.

Somebody got PAID for this new piece of crap?! In real dollars?!


Oh, maybe I should be clearer.

I do not like the new Verizon logo.

2 Responses to “what the hell?!”

  1. Maybe they went to Fiverr to get it done?

  2. Verizon is just keeping up with The Google. New logo is simpler, specifically for mobile. Get used to it… there will be more…